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Our structure

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La Fixatique® - Automotive aftermarket

Our Design Office

Our design office studies new products in our "test workshop", validates developments on new vehicles for the Fastener Kits and updates the La Fixatique® range every day.

Professionals at your service

The genuine parts vision selection are done with  the major car makers technical services directly on their production site. This guarantees a constant supply of parts for your car fleets. (Door tailgate, mini frontal impact, frontal impact, body shell).

A team of 10 Technical Sales Representatives

For over 900 retail outlets in France

An "Export" department

And in the overseas territories





Logistics adapted to requirements

  • Stock of manufacturer references,Personalised contact,
  • Flexible logistics and just-in-time flow via EFI and the internet EDI,
  • Large storage capacity (11,000 m²), stock in Eastern Europe and Marocco,
  • Management of safety stocks,
  • Just-in-time delivery.


Automotive & Industry - Automotive equipment suppliers and industrial


  • Design, develop and integrate "fastener" requirements for entire sub-assemblies,
  • Assist in defining specifications which correspond to actual needs,
  • Mounting and mountability tests on samples and on the environment,
  • Production of prototypes using the most suitable technology.


  • Segmented customer management with a single contact,
  • A dedicated sales team at each stage.


  • Process and product audits,
  • Measurement and test apparatus.


  • Panel management (Europe and Asia),
  • Search and qualification of new manufacturers.Gestion panel (Europe and Asia).