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La Fixatique - Automotive aftermarket

A full range of standard parts and special bodywork fasteners (clips, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, pins, collars, tools, etc.). Packaging : plastic bags, blisters, sets...


Sets of genuine parts required to repair damaged areas on vehicles (door, tailgate, bumper, etc.). Packaging : plastic box.

A full range of parts required for electrical or connection repairs (cable terminals, fuses, insulation, sheaths, battery clamps, flasher units, relays, straps, clips, etc.). Packaging : plastic bags, blisters, plastic box, sets...

A full range of fasteners and electrical components specifically for repairing heavy goods vehicles. Packaging : paper box.


Covers required to protect the vehicle during repairs, welding and painting in the workshop (masking).

Automotive & Industry - Automotive equipment suppliers and industrial

In order to provide a global technical and economic solution, we integrate the "fastening" function in the following trades:

  • Cold heading
  • Bar turning
  • Cutting / drawing / folding
  • Plastic injection
  • Wire work
  • Assembly